Stylight Awards

28th June 2016, Admiralspalast, Berlin


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<h3>That's The Look: Shan Rahimkhan</h3>

That's The Look: Shan Rahimkhan

With our Stylight Award nominees we were at celebrity hotspot and Berliner favourite hair salon, Shan Rahimkhan yesterday. Thanks to Shan and his amazing team for getting everyone glammed up for the award night.

<h3>With Thanks: Friends and Sponsors</h3>

With Thanks: Friends and Sponsors

A very special thank you to each and every Stylight Award partner including Lillet, Absolut, Onepiece, Astra, Iles Formula, Dandy Diner, Mary Kay, Barbie, Shan Rahimkhan, mymuesli, Cruciani, Laurent Moshi, Vita Coco, Bench, Der Gugl, Manouc, Erstings Family and Iphoria.

<h3>What's In The Bag: Goodie Bags</h3>

What's In The Bag: Goodie Bags

Prepare to take a piece of the party home with the Stylight Awards official goodie bags. Gifts provided by our friends and sponsors Barbie, Mary Kay, Lauren Moshi, Onepiece, Bench and Iphoria. As well as extra specials from Lillet, Ernstings Family, Mymuesli, Manouc, Vita Coco, Der Gugl, Cruciani and Iles Formula.

<h3>Now Playing: Jonah</h3>

Now Playing: Jonah

Supplying the soundtrack on the night, give it up for Berlin singer-songwriting duo, Jonah.
Breaking through with their hit track 'All We Are', childhood friends Angelo Mammone & Christian Steenken have been creating sounds since 2009, crediting themselves within the same musical category as The XX, Sigur Ross and Woodkid.

<h3>Party People: The Afterparty</h3>

Party People: The Afterparty

21.06.2016 The show might be over but the party's just begun.
Head straight to the Stylight Award's official afterparty as we let our hair down to music from Dandy Diary, C.M.A. and Pneumatix. Also welcoming a series of specials from Mary Kay, Barbie & Vita Coco. And keeping us coming back for more, drinks from Absolut, Lillet and Astra, as well as real Berliner catering from the boys who do it best, Dandy Diner.

<h3>The Jury's In: Julian Jansen</h3>

The Jury's In: Julian Jansen

And that's a wrap. Joining Mischa, Lena and Wendy for the final 2016 Stylight Awards' official jury line-up will be Julian Jansen.

YOU&IDOL founder and online visionary with over 10 years experience working in the industry, Jansen's resume includes acting editorial director for hit shows such as Germany & Austria's Next Topmodel, as well as current director for ABOUT YOU.

<h3>The Jury’s In: Mischa Barton</h3>

The Jury’s In: Mischa Barton

She is a fashion role model for an entire generation' – International actress and 'It-Girl', acclaimed model, style icon, soon to be seen in the movie 'Inhuman' next to Wesley Snipes and of course, the starring lead in hit US TV show, 'The O.C.'; Mischa Barton brings her fashion credentials from this year's Cannes red carpet straight to the judging panel for the Stylight Awards in Berlin.

<h3>And We're Live: The Stylight Awards' Nominees</h3>

And We're Live: The Stylight Awards' Nominees

03.06.2016 All of our award nominees are now live! Winners will be announced during the Stylight Awards in Berlin, so stay tuned to find out who made style happen in 2016.

<h3>You've Got Style: Onepiece</h3>

You've Got Style: Onepiece

Bringing every bit of Scandi-cool to the Stylight Awards are Nordic self-confessed 'slackers' and Fashion Category partners, Onepiece. Globally known for their innovative and premium take on leisurewear; when your outlook on life is as laidback as your clothing, you know you're doing it right.

<h3>The Jury’s In: Wendy Iles</h3>

The Jury’s In: Wendy Iles

31.05.2016 Credited as one of the world's leading hair stylists, Stylight are thrilled to announce celebrity hairdresser and beauty veteran, Wendy Iles as our next official judge.
With regular clients including Heidi Klum and Kate Hudson; in February this year Wendy was awarded the prestigious Hollywood Beauty Awards Oscar for Hair.

<h3>The Ultimate Icon: Barbie</h3>

The Ultimate Icon: Barbie

29.04.2016 Since shooting to global stardom in 1959, Barbie has continued to fulfil her role as a model and muse to millions for well over five decades. An inspiration to the fashion, art and lifestyle communities; her ability to evolve and adapt to the world around her holds no bounds. Barbie represents something in all of us, whether that's body shape, skin colour, style or feeling empowered - there's no denying that Barbie is a true icon. Together, Stylight and Barbie will announce the winner of the 2016 National Style Icon of the Year award live from Berlin.

<h3>And Here's Your Host:<br>Hadnet Tesfai</h3>

And Here's Your Host:
Hadnet Tesfai

25.05.2016 TV presenter? Check. Journalist? Check. DJ? You bet. Currently living and loving in Berlin, for the Stylight Awards 2016 we're inviting Germany's best-loved personality, Hadnet Tesfai as our official award show host.

<h3>The Jury’s In: Lena Gercke</h3>

The Jury’s In: Lena Gercke

29.04.2016 Acclaimed model, famed television host and current Maybelline New York spokeswoman; we are proud to announce Lena Gercke as the 2016 Stylight Awards’ first official judge.

Lena has appeared in editorial and print campaigns for Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and H&M, as well as walking the runways at New York Fashion Week.

<h3>That’s The Look: Mary Kay</h3>

That’s The Look: Mary Kay

03.05.2016 We’re excited to announce Mary Kay® Germany as our official Beauty Partner for the Stylight Awards 2016. Award-winners with over 50 years of experience in the business; this year they celebrate their 30th anniversary in Germany with over 30,000 beauty consultants. Mary Kay® makeup artists will showcase their expertise during the Awards’ official afterparty..

<h3>For One Night Only: Dandy Diner</h3>

For One Night Only: Dandy Diner

02.05.2016 After exploding onto the Berlin vegan food scene earlier this year; Germany’s leading menswear blogging duo Dandy Diary will bring their Dandy Diner exclusively to the 2016 SA’s official afterparty.

<h3>Gone But Not Forgotten: The Stylight Awards 2016</h3>

Gone But Not Forgotten: The Stylight Awards 2016

//Official footage and photos
What a night! Thank you to everyone who made the Stylight Awards 2016 in Berlin such an unforgettable event. In case you missed anything, you can find our official footage and photos right here: Video Playlist and here: Facebook Photo Gallery.

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National Style Icon
of the Year

Who is the most stylish and the most business-savvy icon of the year? This very special award has no nominees but will be announced live on stage.


You might think you have the trendiest wardrobe, but it takes innovation, individual taste and sass to give your style that certain je ne sais quoi. Only combined then with true dedication, can you create a successful business. This award honours the most entrepreneurial fashion influencer. 


Beauty is about emphasising your natural assests without the need for imitation. In our beauty category we're awarding one of those true artists. Someone who sees their inner beauty and let's it show on the outside through cosmetic art.

Where you travel, how you fix your home, the way you look after your body and the food you love to eat – your lifestyle is who you are. This award is dedicated to a lifestyle aesthete who knows exactly how to show us just how great life can be through interiors, travel, food and fitness.

Millions of fans follow them across digital channels, but more important than that: They have a vision! We're awarding today’s most creative & unique digital trendsetter, someone who convinced us with ingenious ideas.


The Nominees

About the Event

The Stylight Awards 2016 – a night devoted to celebrating the most inspiring and successful style influencers. To us, style goes way beyond fashion. Style helps to define who we are, as well as inspiring those around us to find their own identities. That's why yet again we're giving praise to this year's leading trendsetters from the world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle and those with visionary ideas.

For The Stylight Awards' third year we're bringing the celebrations back to Berlin Fashion Week. Staging a show dedicated to honouring inspirational style and digital influencers; a star-class jury will announce the evening's winners live during the event, and together alongside international A-list celebrities and online trendsetters we'll celebrate a night of style.
And what's a Stylight event without an unforgettable aftershow party? We'll be showering our guests with event exclusives, so whatever you do, don't miss the hottest event happening this summer!


Stylight Awards

It all began when blogging superstar Chiara Ferragni hosted our awards' debut two years ago within the MBFWB official tent. Kenza Zouiten and Negin Mirsalehi were just some of the top influencing names taking part on this unforgettable night. See more in the video.

Stylight Awards

Watch our recap of the Stylight Awards 2015 and discover how supermodel and former VS Angel Bar Refaeli, blogging superstar Bryanboy and many others celebrated award winners including Kristina Bazan, Mariano Di Vaio, Betty Autier and Franziska Knuppe.


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